Prices / Services



Prices for guided outdoor adventures can vary considerably. Consider the following variables:


  • Demand
  • Time of year
  • Length of stay
  • Species
  • Availability of licenses and permits
  • Accommodations
  • Needed gear and / or provided gear
  • Amenities
  • Lodging requirements / preferences



Guided hunting trips can take you from one side of the country to the other and north into Canada and Alaska.  There is no limit to the adventures that await you.  You may envision yourself with a pounding heart taking a wild hog in Texas.  Boar hunting for 2 days can be found for around $300 a day.



Looking for something more exotic?  

Travel north to Alaska and take in a Fall grizzly bear hunt for around $6,800.  On your way up or back, stop in British Columbia for a caribou hunt with some of the best guides in the business.  These hunts are reasonably priced starting around $4,000.



Perhaps your lifelong dream has been elk hunting.  If Montana appeals to you as a great place to visit, 7-day elk hunts can be found at around $3,200.



The opportunities are endless.  

Consider these hunts:  a 5-day whitetail deer hunt in Kansas for around $3,000 and while you're there, spend a couple days hunting and calling wild turkeys for only about $450 for two-day hunts; hunt ducks from a rented blind in North Carolina for $150 per day per person; harvest a trophy antelope in Nevada with top guides.  Prices begin around $2,000 for a 3-day hunt.



Perhaps you are looking for a guide to help you take your first ever Moose.  If you are lucky enough to draw a moose permit through lottery, you can line up a registered guide for a 7-day guided moose hunt starting around $2,000.



Be sure to book your adventure early, wherever it takes you, because prices and availability vary.