Affiliates FAQ



What do I have to do to start earning commissions?

It’s simple!  Once you sign up, you’ll be provided with a unique affiliate link and banner ads that you can incorporate into your website.  When a visitor clicks your link or ad they are directed to our site.  The customer completes the “Find A Guide” form on our website and we pay you a referral fee!



How much do I get paid?

We pay our affiliate partners in a tiered scale, as an incentive for affiliates to get the word out about our great service.  The more customers you send us, the more you earn!

1-50  ---------->  earn $1.00 per customer

51-200  ------->  earn $1.25 per customer

201 +  --------->  earn $1.50 per customer



How much can I earn being an affiliate?

How much would you like to earn?  

Our affiliates typically fall into one of two categories - casual affiliates or active affiliates.  Casual affiliates let their links and banner ads naturally trickle into their websites and marketing, when they see fit.  Active affiliates pursue marketing and commission targets and rake in earnings.  The more customers you send us, the more you earn.



What are the requirements for referring customers?

In order to provide quality leads for our advertisers, we require that the customers you refer to our website be of at least 18 years of age, that they are truly interested in booking a hunting or fishing trip with a guide, that they are the decision maker, and that they have the financial means and ability to book a hunting or fishing trip with a guide.  For more information about the cost of booking a guide, please view the Guide Prices/Services page.



Can I customize the marketing materials you offer for my website?

Yes, we offer our affiliates the option to include their own branding, logos or images on our marketing materials.



Can I promote the service elsewhere, other than my site?

Sure, feel free to promote the service any way you wish.  E-mail lists (opt-in, not spam), newsletters, search engine ads, etc. are great ways to promote the service and earn additional affiliate commissions.



I have multiple sites, can I create sub accounts?

Yes, by adding a simple code to your link you can create and monitor different sub accounts or sub domains.



I have additional questions, can I talk to someone?

Absolutely.  You can call our support line (toll free) at 1-888-524-9413 or email us at




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