No. Risk. Advertising.

When you advertise with, you ELIMINATE risk from your advertising budget. No more flushing money down the toilet. How do we help you do that? By offering your guide service both FREE and Pay For Performance advertising.
Why Pay Upfront & HOPE?
Traditional advertising methods such as Yellow Page ads, trade shows, print, and radio advertising force you to Pay Upfront & Hope.’s Pay For Performance advertising allows you to target the customers you want, then only pay after we deliver. No more Pay Upfront & Hope!
Better Than Anything You’ve Tried... is a marketing system designed to connect hunters and fishermen to your guide service. Users are matched in accordance to the guides that can provide the specific hunting or fishing experience the customer is looking for. We’ll match customers to your company based upon the following criteria you specify:
  • Dates of service
  • Area of service
  • Categories of animals / fish
  • Minimum / maximum group size
  • Maximum customers per month
You specify the criteria you want and we’ll send you the customers!

FREE Advertising!

As a advertiser, you receive a FREE directory listing on our website that delivers customers to you 2 different ways...


We Get Your Phones Ringing!
When a customer is looking to book a hunting or fishing trip, he finds your directory listing on our website, views the services you provide, sees your phone number and calls to book his trip. This is FREE advertising for your business!
We Push Traffic To Your Website!
If the customer wants to inquire indirectly about the services you offer, he clicks the link to your website, finds the information he’s looking for, then sends an email or calls to book his trip. Again, this is FREE advertising for your business!
What No One Else Will Offer...
Pay For Performance advertising. Tired of tire kickers? Time wasters? Indecisive customers? Want to only deal with customers that know what they want and are ready to book a guide? Then our Pay For Performance advertising solution is for you.

How Does It Work?

Just click the “Join Now” button at the bottom of this page, complete the signup process, and begin receiving e-mailed leads in real time, as they become available. We charge $3 per qualified lead, billed monthly. We even offer a free trial period, so there’s no risk to try it out.

Target The Customers You Want! understands that you know your business better than anyone else, so we offer you maximum flexibility over the type of leads you want receive and the customers you want to target. Offer specific species of animals or fish for your customers? Select from 27 animals and 23 fish! Book hunting or fishing trips only during certain months of the year? You can choose them! Offer guide service throughout multiple states? You select them! Require a minimum or maximum number of people to a group? You can set it!
You Control The Number Of Leads
Only want to receive a few leads a month to start out? We’ve got you covered. Want as many as we can send you in a month? We’ve got you covered there too. Need something in between? No problem. You set the maximum number of leads you want to receive per month, that way there’s never any billing surprises.

Charge Higher Prices!

Customers are willing to pay a premium to do business with reliable guides. Our Review A Guide section allows users to rate your service, based upon their experiences. Positive reviews allow your business to charge higher rates than your competitors. Guides with top ratings charge premium prices!
Clients Are Yours To Keep!
Any customers referred to you from are yours to keep! Schedule hunting / fishing trips with them year after year, make them customers for life.

No Contracts!

If doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations, cancel at any time! You’re only liable for the leads sent during your active period.
An Offer You Can’t Refuse...
Join today and we’ll let you test drive our Pay For Performance advertising FREE for the next 30 days! At the end of the free trial, if you choose to continue service, we charge only $3 per lead, billed monthly. We’re confident that once you give it a try, you’ll agree that Pay For Performance advertising from is the best return on investment of any form of advertising you’ve ever experienced!


What our clients say

Quick, simple, and easy! takes the guess work out of booking a hunt with an outfitter and provides an exceptional resource for hunters and fishermen alike!
Michael Lee
Host of Backwoods Life TV helps reduce the time it takes to find quality guides... which means more time for you to be outdoors!
Brian Latchford
CEO, All Marine Network saves you time planning your next hunting or fishing adventure by allowing you to enter some basic information and then top guides simply contact you.
Dan 'Moose' McLaughlin
Moose Droppings
Kasey and Steve have hit a HOME RUN with! These guys are revolutionizing the way we look for guides!
Kenneth Chesson
Freelance Videographer
While there are several sites out there that list guide services and reviews, changes the game in your favor by having the guides compete for your business!
Phillip Loughlin
Hog Blog
There's nothing like this on the Web....anywhere! A breakthrough in entrepreneurial creativity.
Tom Remington
Outdoor Writer/Black Bear Blog