About Us



HuntAndFishGuides.com was created out of the need for an EASIER WAY for hunters and fishermen to find a reputable guide service when they wanted to book a hunting or fishing trip outside of their immediate area.



For example, if a hunter or fisherman wanted to book a trip to Alaska to hunt elk or catch king salmon, but he didn’t live in Alaska, he couldn’t just pick up his phonebook and find a guide because his phone book only lists LOCAL guides, not guides in other states.  



So what’s the hunter or fisherman to do, search through four-million web pages for hunting or fishing guides in Alaska??



Even if he found a guide company listed on the internet, how would he know if it’s a reputable company and not some fly-by-night con man?  What would he have to compare them with?  How would he know if the price they’re quoting him is fair and reasonable?  



Until HuntAndFishGuides.com came along, there was no easy way to know.  Fortunately, all that has changed now.  HuntAndFishGuides.com makes it QUICK and EASY for hunters and fishermen to find reputable guides, whether they want to book a hunting or fishing trip in their own back yard or thousands of miles away.  And best of all, the service is FREE to use!




Our Mission Statement:



HuntAndFishGuides.com is in the business of CONNECTING hunters and fishermen with reputable guides throughout North America, allowing our website users to receive multiple, competitive, quotes for their upcoming hunting or fishing trip.


HuntAndFishGuides.com is also in the business of providing a unique Pay-For-Performance method of advertising for our network of guide companies, delivering pre-qualified leads of hunters and fishermen that are requesting the specific services the guide offers.  This results in the opportunity for the guides that join our network to GROW their businesses, SAVE advertising dollars, and DISCOVER new clients.